Natural Gas

Fracking our way to Freedom!!

You may have heard of Hydraulic Fracturing, or "Fracking." It's a complex drilling technique that injects massive amounts of water, sand and chemicals underground to shatter layers of rock shale and - oh nevermind! Who needs all that technical mumbo-jumbo? Let's put fracking in layman's terms: Hydraulic Fracturing is an environmentally friendly process wherein a group of sensitively trained engineers find untouched reservoirs of pristine gas by walking around, sniffing the air, and putting their ears to the ground. They then extract that gas from the earth in a process that's so gentle and organic that the only by-products are cleaner air for our children, nutrient rich grassland for our livestock, and cleaner groundwater for our tax-paying American Patriot! Natural Gas... they don't call it Natural for nothin'!